Qingdao Kahe Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Kahe Intelligent Equipment Co.Ltd is a company mainly engaged in chili processing machine export and development. Clients can find what they need here.

KAHE grinding machine can be used to process chilies, cumin, garlic, grains; however, for different materials, the grinder needs to change to the right specification rollers. For chili, cumin, staraniseed and ginger, the same roller can handle these materials very well. However if change to garlic , or rice, we need to change the rollers.

KAHE grinding machine adopts 4 rollers , but other general roller grinder only install 2 rollers. That’s why our KAHE grinder can have better efficiency and milling/grinding effect than other general grinder machine.That’s why our grinder has less power consumption than other general roller grinder machine.

, KAHE grinding machine matched with dust remover, so it’s working condition is dust-free, which is another point why customer would like to accept it.

, KAHE grinding machine is flexible at handling material quantities. Because the grinding machines adopts parallel interfaces, for example, if you buy our KAHE 800 chili grinder plant, but sometimes, you don’t need to process 800 kg materials, like you just want to process 200kg, then you only need to open one single KAHE grinder, other parallel grinders don’t need to connect with power. That’s the flexible and power consumption saving features of our machine.

The chili grinding equipment is small in size, fast in production speed and wide in variety, which can meet the processing needs of various chili products.

Chili powder machines are generally suitable for processing 10-30 mesh chili powder. The production efficiency of fine powder is low and it is generally not recommended to use it. Some users will use flake powder, so a chili grinding machine is needed to process chili flakes and keep chili seeds.

Post time: Jan-19-2023