Working Principle Of Chili Washing Machine

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The pepper cleaning machine mainly imitates the manual cleaning method, using mesh belt for conveying, high-pressure air pump produces gas to make the chili perform a strong turning movement in the cleaning machine, under the action of high-pressure water flow and strong air bubbles, effectively separate the surface attachments and impurities of chilies , At the same time, because the chili is in the turning movement generated in the gas-water mixture, it effectively avoids the damage to the chili caused by bumps, knocks, scratches, etc. during the cleaning process.

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In the process of chili conveying, the spray cleaning function is added, so that after the chili is cleaned with gas and water, it is sprayed and cleaned. The function of this process is to replace the dirty water on the surface of the chili, improve the cleaning effect of the chili, and at the same time , After the secondary cleaning of the chilies, the external cleaning spray water automatically flows into the sink to replace the cleaning water in the sink, maintain the cleanliness of the water quality in the sink, improve the utilization rate of the cleaning water, and increase the cleaning effect.
In the treatment of precipitated impurities, the water circulation of the circulating water pump allows the impurities to enter the water circulation tank. The filter device of the water tank can be disassembled freely. The filtered impurities are left in the water tank. Floating objects are discharged through the upper overflow outlet to ensure that the pool is clean and at the same time remove impurities in time.


Washing Machine Features

1. Cleaning: Under the dual action of air bubbles and spray, all-round and multi-angle cleaning;
2. High efficiency: The conveyor belt motor can realize the function of adjusting the speed change. The cleaned vegetables are conveyed through the net chain and automatically discharged. The conveying degree of the conveyor belt can be adjusted according to the production needs, and the work efficiency is high;
3. The finished product has a good effect: water flow conveying, bubble washing, protecting the material from damage, simulating the basic action of manual cleaning and effectively avoiding bumps, scratches and other phenomena in the process of manual cleaning;
4. Resource saving: the water circulation filtration system is both water-saving and environmentally friendly, which can save 80% of the cleaning water;
5. Efficient water exchange: large drain valve, efficient discharge, convenient equipment cleaning and maintenance
6. Easy to clean: All pipeline connections use quick-connect devices, which are convenient for disassembly and cleaning, and a certain gap is reserved between the conveying components and the water tank, which is convenient for the cleaning of the water tank in the later stage;
7. Exquisite workmanship, safe and reliable: It is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel with precision machining equipment. exquisite workmanship, strong and durable;
8. Wide range of application: suitable for cleaning and processing of various fruits and vegetables, and can also be customized according to user requirements;


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