Automatic Dry Chili Stone and Impurity Removing Machine

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The working principle of pepper stone removal machine:

The pepper enters the machine through the feeding hopper, and the strong wind separation equipment extracts and transports the pepper through the pipeline and enters the light miscellaneous screen section. Heavy debris (pebbles, mud blocks, etc.) fall into the heavy debris storage area under the feeding hopper (equipped with a switch, the heavy debris will automatically fall out of the body after it is turned on).

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1. After two steps of screening, the pepper stone removal machine initially achieves the effect of removing various sundries.
2. The materials are solid, firm and durable, only need daily maintenance, basically no major repairs.
Chili Pepper Removal Machine Wind Separation Destoner Dried Pepper Cleaning Equipment is a practical equipment specially developed by our company for seasoning production enterprises, chili storage enterprises. Easy to operate, environmentally friendly and economical. It can separate stones, cigarette butts, straw, leaves, pepper seeds and other impurities in the pepper. It is an ideal winnowing and stone removal equipment for the majority of users.
Pepper winnowing and stone removal machine adopts professional customized stainless steel wind net, clean and hygienic, wear-resistant and long service life. Unloading adopts pneumatic air locker to discharge material, which has the following advantages over the old traditional impeller type air locker. The new type does not get stuck, does not damage the peppers, saves electricity costs, and the feeding speed can be adjusted freely according to the amount of materials. long lasting. The impurity outlet also uses a pneumatic air lock to discharge the impurity, which has a good wind shelter effect.
The equipment has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, light weight, stable operation, low noise, low energy consumption, good airtightness, and convenient operation and maintenance. It is an ideal equipment for cleaning peppers. It is equipped with a low-pressure fan to make the machine work in a negative pressure state, no dust spillage, light and miscellaneous cleaning, environmental protection and no pollution, the equipment is easy to move.

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