Multi-function Chili Powder Crushing Machine With Dust Collection

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Working principle of multi-functional powder grinder:

The main machine is composed of a frame, a rack, a tube outlet, a transmission device (motor, stepless speed reducer), an automatic feeder, and a crushing chamber. The crushing chamber is equipped with a classification device, a lining ring, a crushing knife and other main working parts.

The crusher pushes the material into the crushing chamber. Due to the action of negative pressure, the material entering the crushing chamber is punched out and sheared at high speed by the crushing knife. The crushed material enters the classification wheel due to the action of negative pressure, and the fineness is controlled by the rotation speed of the classification wheel.

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This multi-functional powder grinder plant made by Qingdao Kahe intelligent equipment co., ltd  is applicable to a wide range of materials with high output, such as spices and grains of turmeric powder, chili powder,pepper powder, wheat flour, rice powder etc. Machine cavity of the device has a fan blade structure, when running, the fan blades blow away the heat of the machine cavity, and continue to supply the outside air, aircraft machine cavity will not produce heat, to ensure that material properties will not change and can crush heat sensitive materials and sticky materials with perfect performance.


1. Uniform fineness: (qualified rate of finished products ≥99%) The machine has the function of water cooling.
2. Low fineness: the smallest of this series can reach 320 meshes.
3. Strong applicability: food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry.
4. Crushing method: high-speed square knife.
5. Material: all stainless steel, contact material 304 stainless steel.
6. Dust removal method: pulse dust removal.
7. The machine is equipped with a water circulation jacket to reduce the temperature of the machine cavity.
8. The fineness can be adjusted freely without stopping the machine to reduce costly down time.

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