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Belt dryer is a continuous equipment for batch production. It is used for drying sheet, strip and granular materials with good air permeability. It is especially suitable for materials such as dehydrated vegetables and herb pills with high moisture content; this series of dryers have the advantages of fast drying speed, high evaporation intensity and good product quality. For paste-like materials such as dehydrated filter cakes, they can be dried after being granulated or granulated into sticks.

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In terms of pepper drying, pepper drying machines have gradually replaced the traditional way of natural drying. Due to uncontrollable weather factors, peppers are prone to moisture and mold in drying in humid weather. With the improvement of people's quality of life, the use of peppers Bacteria-free  began to be taken seriously. As a result, pepper drying machines that are safe, environmentally friendly, hygienic, energy-saving, intelligent, and not affected by the external environment have become one of the choices for deep processing of peppers.

According to experimental research, it is found that the epidermis of pepper has a waxy layer, and if the drying time is too long, the color of dried pepper will be cracked. It contains more than ten kinds of nutrients, which are easily lost and destroyed under high temperature. Moreover, there are many varieties of peppers, and different types of peppers have different moisture content, and the requirements for drying temperature and humidity are also different.

The pepper drying machine adopts intelligent control, which can set different drying curves: time, temperature, humidity, etc., to ensure the quality of pepper drying. After drying, the color of peppers is consistent, rosy and smooth, and the nutrition of peppers is not destroyed, which saves manpower material and site costs, environmental friendly and energy saving, in line with the current environmental protection policy. It's the the trend of the times.


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1.Air volume, heating temperature, material residence time and heating speed can be adjusted to achieve high-quality drying effect;
2.Equipment configuration is flexible, and mesh belt washing system and material cooling system can be equipped;
3.Most of the air is recycled, highly energy saving;
4.The unique air distribution device makes the hot air distribution more uniform and ensures the consistency of product quality;
5.The heat source can be equipped with steam, heat-conducting oil, electricity or coal-fired (oil) hot blast stove;
6.The vibration and impact of the material on the belt dryer are slight, and the material particles are not easy to be pulverized and broken, so it is also suitable for drying some materials that are not allowed to be broken;
7.The belt dryer is not only used to dry the material, but also to bake, sinter or ripen the material sometimes;
8.The structure of the belt dryer is not complicated, the installation is convenient, and it can run for a long time. When a fault occurs, we can enter the inside of the cabinet for maintenance, which is convenient for maintenance.

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