Automatic Red Dry Chili Stem Cutting Machine

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With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, manpower is becoming more and more weak in front of machinery, especially when Industry 4.0 is around the corner, the machinery automation is the general trend. The chili stem cutting machine was born in this situation. What are the advantages of the chili stem cutting machine compared with the traditional manual cutting machine? 1. The traditional manual chili scissors are time-consuming, labor-intensive and extremely inefficient, and also, because chili is pungent, if you are engaged in manual scissors work, it will cause great harm to the human body, such as limb deformation, skin diseases, eye irritation and other serious injuries.

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At present, young people are reluctant to engage in this job no matter how much salary it is. It is difficult to employ, with high turnover rate and low efficiency, which is a very big problem in the chili processing industry. And all the above problems can be easily solved by the chili stem cutting machine. The fully automatic machine produced by our company is mainly used for removing dry chili stems. The removing rate of the equipment to chili stems can be as high as 96%. 600KG per hour, and can be adapted to different varieties and chili shapes according to customization, and the performance of the whole machine has reached the international leading level. The main part of the machine is supplemented by auxiliary equipment such as impurity removal and transportation, which can reduce labor cost and greatly improve work efficiency.
The automatic chili stem cutting machine with a series of models with one, two and three layers, which can be customized according to user requirements. The main structure of the machine is a large stainless steel drum treated with a special process, with baffles and 2 rows of shearing blades, which are tightened by springs. There is a deflector in the feeding port to avoid blockage. the motor can realize forward and reverse rotation. The basic working principle is: use mechanical feeding to transport the chilies to be processed into the drum, and drive the drum to rotate at a high speed through the motor, so that the chilies in the drum will keep turning over under the action of centrifugal force, so that the heavier end of the handle is attached to the drum. On the drum wall with evenly distributed and uniformly sized round holes, the chili stem is stuck in the round hole, and is cut off by the shearing device installed on the outside of the drum during the rotation of the drum, so as to achieve smooth stem removal.
Our sieve drum is made of stainless steel. The arrangement of holes has been scientifically calculated and tested by a large number of physical objects, so it has a long practical life. Our equipment has high removing rate for chilies and low damage to chili tips. The output per hour is 400-600kg. Our machine adopts the baking paint process, with great appearance and strong structure. This series of machines is mature with many models, Its efficiency is higher if being equipped with other machines in this series.


Selection Of Chili Stem Cutting Machine

1. Confirm the chili varieties to be processed. At present, there are three representative appearance chilies on the market: Banjiao represented by Beijing red, small chili represented by Indian s17, and linear chili represented by Erjingtiao. Different varieties require different types of chili machines.
2. Confirm the model according to the processing volume. Now our machines are available in three different processing capacities ranging from 250 kg to 400 kg per hour.
3. After confirming the above two items, it is necessary to inspect the actual processing performance of the machine and conduct on-site inspections. Its performance indicators mainly include shearing rate, processing capacity, and notch sharpness. The larger the first two, the better, and the smaller the latter, the better.
Fourth, the brand is also an important one. Brand is a comprehensive reflection of quality, reliability, after-sales service and reputation. Every aspect has been tested by the market, and the quality will be quite guaranteed. The counterfeit brand that has just set foot has no actual production experience, and the product quality, after-sales service, credit, etc.
5. About additional functions. Some manufacturers cannot promote the functions of products in the market, and make some tricks. The core function of the machine is stem cutting, and the other supporting functions are all for stem cutting, so do not put the cart before the horse.

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